Products and Services

Confronted by a bewildering number of emerging insurance benefits and sometimes variations in products and/or premiums rates, the wise buyer will look to an Independent Insurance Advisor for expert advice.

Towards this end, Kisima employs its specialised expertise in the following areas;

  • Employee Benefits Insurance Brokerage Services,
  • Corporate and Individual Medical Insurance and Risk Consultancy,
  • Group Life and Pensions Administration,
  • Motor Insurance,
  • Fire and Related Perils,
  • Marine,
  • Engineering Insurance,
  • Overseas Travel Insurance,
  • Bonds and Guarantees,
  • Aviation and many more.

Those who believe in us

Over the years, our company has enjoyed the privilege to serve both Local and Multinational Companies in various sectors of production. These include Government, Non-Governmental Organizations, Individuals, Airlines, Pharmaceutical Companies, schools and many more.


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