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Claim Process

Claim Process

An insurance contract gyrates on a promise and claims processing & settlement is the most important aspect of such contracts

As your Primary Contact of your Insurance Policy, we understand your situation and how to Proceed:

What We Do:

  • Advice the Insured on whether the loss is covered and if admissible based on the Policy Documents
  • Report the claim to the Insurance Company within the required time
  • Document the claim accordingly by facilitating provision of material facts related to the claim
  • Contact and ensure the Loss Adjuster/Assessor/Investigator receive full cooperation from all the concerned parties
  • In respect of Legal Liability claims, we ensure prompt attention is accorded to the Legal procedures for instance, summons to appear in court are passed on to the respective Insurer or Insured for immediate action
  • Where losses were/are a result of uninsured perils, we advise the insured on the best forms of risk reduction and negotiate for ex-gratia settlement to satisfactory conclusions
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