Design a comprehensive Insurance programme to exceed the client’s requirements


Ensure smooth flow of communication between the Insured and the Insurer,


Advise on risk management and methods of self-insurance


Point out shortcomings in the various Insurance Policies and checking on its appropriateness


Our Mission,
Values and Motto

It’s our view that clients should not experience uncovered or under Insured situations unless they have consciously decided to retain the risks. To achieve our main objective of the same, we ensure the right combination of Insurance Cover and endeavour to obtain the widest cover possible at the most competitive premium, commensurate with the security of the underwriter.


What we bring to you

Motor Vehicle

We help you ensure that your company motor vehicles are covered in case of any accidents. This type of insurance protects insured against financial loss in the event that the motor vehicle is involved in an accident, burnt or stolen.


We protect you against loss caused to cargo while in transit between any two points either by sea, air, rail, or road. This is a transit risk policy which provides wide coverage for loss caused to cargo while in transit between any two points either by sea, air, rail or road


We ensure that you are protected against forms of loss in equipment, materials and so forth as you execute your contract works. Offers protection against a variety of risks associated with machinery, plant or equipment during erection, resting or working conditions.

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