Best Services

Confronted by a bewildering number of emerging insurance benefits and sometimes variations in products and/or premiums rates, the wise buyer will look to an Independent Insurance Advisor for expert advice. Towards this end, Kisima employs its specialised expertise in the following areas;

=> Employee Benefits Insurance Brokerage Services

Our employee benefits brokerage services can help you secure the right benefits solutions at the right price. With access to smarter health benefits, we help reduce your risk profile & claims to generate further savings.

=> Corporate & Individual Medical Insurance & Risk Consultancy

Our collaborative healthcare insurance & consulting practice connects risk management with benefits.

We liaise with our various insurers for the most comprehensive packages with zero gaps. We always value highly personalized service & attention.

=> Group Life and Pensions Administration

A protection against loss of income resulting if the insured passed away. The beneficiary receives the proceeds thus safeguarded from financial impact of the death or disability of the insured.

A retirement plan to provide individuals with income during retirement when they are no longer earning a steady income from employment. We ensure proper placement with the leading providers noting the guaranteed income, age of the client and access to beneficial packages during retirement.

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